course #3, set by Céline Mul

If you were wondering who planned those interesting and challenging courses it was the very busy, always smiling, young lady that sat at the end of one of the tables.  Céline Mul was completing her practicum in becoming a Canadian Orienteering Official, Level I.  She was mentored by Francis Falardeau and myself.

Almost half the competitors ran the #4 course — first completing the #2 and immediately following, did #3.  Nicolas Barrière finished this 8 km total in a swift 0:50:53. Just behind was Dmitri Golovanov and Stephane Rousseau with times of 52:08 and 54:00.  Jessica Auer was 5th overall (1:03:04) and, once again, earned top lady position.  She was very closely followed though by 3 other ladies — placing 4 women in the top 8 finishers on the “Long-Advanced”. For complete results see here.

Thank for the meet are deserved by Céline, Francis, Gloria, Bruce and Elaine, all of whom also participated in the pick-up of controls.