The World of O in the Montreal Region since 1967

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…meanwhile at the WOC in Norway:

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“I never saw the 17th control of relay and went straight to the 18th.”
(Thierry Gueorgiou)
Russia takes the gold after mistake Gueorgiou.
(Ultimate Orienteering)

Results for Mt-Royal event are out

The results for the event on Mt-Royal from Septembre 20 are out – see here.

Francis Falardeau (Morin Heights)  wins by finnishing course #4 (6.3km, 200 climb) in 44.57 min, follow by Thomas Kneubühler (Montreal) with a time of 48.29 minutes.

The route by Kneubühler (gps track): a few errors near the controls (red), but most of the time on fast track (trails). Details see here (click to enlarge the map)


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