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Ramblers at the North American Championships

Below some impressions from the North American Championships in Ottawa, where about 30 Ramblers OC members participated. The terrain was at the same time challenging and beautiful – a big thank you to Ottawa OC for making this happen. More photos here (where you can spot some Ramblers in the woods), + full results are here.

Swiss Ramblers Sven, Nadine and Manuel

Swiss Ramblers Sven, Nadine and Manuel


Maia at the finishing line


Race analysis

Gloria on the podium

Gloria on the podium

Tent village at night

Tent village at night


+ A video feature by GetOutThereMagazine:



Swiss O-Week 2014 with a Gopro


O-Ringen 2014 in Sweden with Thierry Gueorgiou


Ski- & Snowshoe -O at Bois -de-Liesse

The air was crisp, the skies were wonderfully blue and the snow conditions and ski tracks were at their best for our first event of 2014. 3 courses were set for skiers and 3 for those using snowshoes – or just boots.

Foto-1 copy

Some were fighting hard…


…while others did it with elegance.


And some had lots of fun!

+ The map of the Snowshoe-o, with the winning route by Andreas Rutkauskas:
2014-02-16 Bois-de-Liesse

Many thanks to Bruce and Elaine who again set out all of the 33 controls AND single-handedly picked them all up after the meet. Registration was managed by Gloria, Elena assisted Elaine with timing and the course designs were made by John Charlow. Full Results are here.

Mt.Royal Score-O 2013 – Results

1. Aurore Varela 390
2. Sarah Wilson 380
3. Mary Jo Childs 360
4. Nadine Cybulski 350
5. Sara Issa 300
Yuliya Klochko 300

1. Vincent Vionnet 1:20:56
2. Francis Falardeau 1:25:28
3. Dmitri Golovanov 1:36:04
4. Thomas Kneubühler 1:39:13
5. Andreas Rutkauskas 1:43:19
6. Philippe Côté-Jacques 1:44:35

1. Stephane Coté, Thomas Gaffié 360
2. Glenn Wright, Susie Henderson, Marie-Claude Marchessault 330
3. Alexandre Gallant, Daniel Brosseau 320
4. André Rousseau, Maxime Bélanger 310

Full results are here

+ the winning route by Aurore Varela, Champion Women 2013
(click on the map for a detail view):

+ Vincent Vionnet, Champion Men 2013vincent_route

+ 2nd placed Francis Falardeau:francis route

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