Course d'orientation dans la Région de Montréal

Score-O at Mt-Royal Park 2011

The Results:

1. Aurore Varela 530 pt
2. Laura Fuchs 460 pt
3. Jessica Auer 420 pts
4. Celine Bourdon 390 pts
5. Christine Rogers 320 pts

1. Francis Falardeau 1.21.21
2. Matt Hryciuk 1.34.01
3. Timothee Govare 1:42:24
4. Andreas Rutkauskas 1:51:00
5. Michael Bole 1:51:58
(all runners with 600 pts)

1. Louis Simon Capistran / Daniel Grimard 550 pts
2. Stephane Lamy / Rakan Lamy 480 pts
3. Johnny Hlibchuk / Mohammad Passandi 470 pts

Detailed results here

+ The John Charlow Report: en français / in english

+ + more photos from the event:

+ some of the familiar faces:

John, Thomas and Francis (overall winner 2011)

Course setter Bruce Glen

+ the map of the 2011 edtions:

Thanks everyone for coming out!


Morgan Arboretum 2011: How to stay dry on your feet


Ramblers on CBC news

  1. Stewart Gunyon

    What an amazing day, well organzed event, and fun course! Great map too! Thanks!

  2. sylvie crevier and wesley

    we had a wonderful time !! Thank you to all the organizers for a fun and challenging event !!

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