The World of O in the Montreal Region since 1967

Mt.Royal Score-O 2013 – Results

1. Aurore Varela 390
2. Sarah Wilson 380
3. Mary Jo Childs 360
4. Nadine Cybulski 350
5. Sara Issa 300
Yuliya Klochko 300

1. Vincent Vionnet 1:20:56
2. Francis Falardeau 1:25:28
3. Dmitri Golovanov 1:36:04
4. Thomas Kneubühler 1:39:13
5. Andreas Rutkauskas 1:43:19
6. Philippe Côté-Jacques 1:44:35

1. Stephane Coté, Thomas Gaffié 360
2. Glenn Wright, Susie Henderson, Marie-Claude Marchessault 330
3. Alexandre Gallant, Daniel Brosseau 320
4. André Rousseau, Maxime Bélanger 310

Full results are here

+ the winning route by Aurore Varela, Champion Women 2013
(click on the map for a detail view):

+ Vincent Vionnet, Champion Men 2013vincent_route

+ 2nd placed Francis Falardeau:francis route


Mount Royal Park — June 9


Ski- & Snowshoe -O at Bois -de-Liesse


  1. Svenski

    Thanks, the event was big fun again! However, I liked the additional strategic challenge last year when there were posts with 20 and such with 10 points. It makes no difference for the few who collect all posts, but adds another challenge for all the others.

  2. Bruce

    Thanks for the feedback. Having the same value for all the controls does remove part of the complexity. It also means that to do their best competitors had to change their strategy, which helps keep the event interesting for those who have done it many times. Next year we may try a different variation.

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