The  maps printed 2 were just barely sufficient to meet requirements. We had 54 starts, with a total participation of 104, including 20 children under 12 years of age that were accompanying their parents.

Matthew Hryciuk, a former member of the Canada’s Junior Orienteering Team, must have found the terrain and course to his liking. At an average pace of 5.2 minutes per km, he ran the 7.7 km No.3 course, with its 23 controls, in 0:40:02, well head of the other 13 entrants. Dmitri Golovanov was 2nd in 0:48:58 and Stefan Schmutterer (a visiting orienteer from Germany) was 3rd in 0:50:36. Jessica Auer was the fastest woman, finishing ‘the Long’ in 1:00:31.

Glen and Susie Wight had a great run on the 4.2 km No.2 Course, covering the 14-control circuit in just 0:37:12. Marc and Sylvie Davignon/Perrault were 2nd in 0:48:18 Thomas Davignon came 3rd, just 28 seconds behind his parents. Caroline Leger had the best time amongst the ladies and was 4th overall in 0:49:30. The course had 26 participants, not including the 15 who did it with the Long Course.

Susan Nerberg, recently from Sweden, partnered with Alejandro Palavecino to com-plete the 3 km easiest course, in a fast 0:35:45. Denise OBriain was 2nd in 0:45:40 (while shepherding her two young boys, ages 6 and 4, around the course). The Marc Butz family of five was just 14 seconds behind her. There were 12 starts on the course, the average taking about one hour.

Thanks to those who helped at the event!