Well, I guess it’s bound to hit us once in a while. Rain! It fell all day Saturday and was still coming down while Bruce and Elaine were hanging controls–late on Saturday evening–with the aid of headlamps and, yes, an umbrella. Unfortunately, it just didn’t let up on Sunday, not even in the afternoon when those same controls were being picked up by Vincent Vionnet and Sylvie Perrault.

Of course, it didn’t help with attendance at the event, either. There was only about 1/7 of the number we would have expected on a nicer day. ‘Got lots of maps left over! I suppose we can take some consolation in the fact that over the years, at this park, this is the first time the weather has been against us. It was really nice, though, to have the use of the park’s spacious chalet.

I don’t think the weather affected the Orienteering skills of those who did come. Running in light rainy conditions can be fun, as long as one’s orienteering skills are not cramped. Everyone who started finished their course and with times that were fairly good. Full results are here.

Thanks to those who turned up and braved the weather. Thanks also, to those who came and administrated at the event, especially Bruce & Elaine who hung the tapes and punches and also prepared the International Control Symbols; to Vincent Vionnet who single-handedly managed the start & finish timing and, with Sylvie Perrault, picked up the 33 flags that had been in use; and to Gloria who this time wasn’t quite so overwhelmed at the Registration table. The Map and the course designs were by John Charlow – the biggest thanks goes to him!