The long course of the Snowshoe-O

John Charlow set two courses  for ski-orienteering and three for snowshoeing.  In planning the courses he was restricted by park rules that required to stay on trails, avoiding possi-bilities for building in “short cuts”.  The courses were thus on the easy side with only the simplest of route choices offered.  No complaints received, though!

The ‘shoers surprised us a bit – outnumbering skiers by more than 2 : 1.  The combined participation was 65, boosted by a number of members of the Montreal Outdoors Adventure Club. There was plenty of snow on the ground but a mild temperature and a bright sun gave some of the skiers waxing problems.

Thanks to those who helped and made the event possible: Bruce Glen and Elaine hung half of the flags on Saturday afternoon and, along with Jake Brennan and Sarah Wilson, picked up all 33 flags after the meet. Dmitri Galovanov handled all of the timing and Gloria Charlow manned the Registration table.

Check the results here (pdf)