Today we are happy and grateful to announce that John Charlow has been welcomed to Orienteering Canada’s Hall of Fame: He received the Order of Orienteering Canada (Lifetime Achievement) Award for his lifelong dedication to Orienteering.

John has been a pivotal figure in the orienteering scene in Quebec since founding the Ramblers orienteering club in 1970. What started as a tiny club that promoted the new Scandinavian sport in the Montreal area has stood the test of time and proven to be the backbone of orienteering in Montreal. In countless hours of drawing and field-checking, John has mapped numerous areas on and off the island of Montreal – a labour or love which can be felt in every of John’s maps. Together with his lovely wife Gloria he put on events and kept the orienteering scene alive through stormy times and droughts. Many a youngster or ambitious runner has been patiently shown the ropes with map and compass by John, and many of us have been happy to cry at his shoulder and get some helpful advice when coming back from a course when he asked “So, how did it go?”.

That today we enjoy a lively orienteering scene in Montreal and Quebec is in large parts due to John and Gloria. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts, and wish them many happy controls to come, on or off trail.
Orienteering Canada Hall of Fame